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Soft Skills
GSH Soft Skills | Überfachliche Kompetenzen

Publish or perish. Designing research for publication

Donnerstag, 26.10.2017 - Donnerstag, 09.11.2017

Prof. Dr. Christina Ljungberg

Diese von der Graduate School of the Humanities am Walter Benjamin Kolleg organisierten Kurse zur Aneignung überfachlicher akademischer und berufsvorbereitender Kompetenzen stehen prioritär allen Doktorierenden der GSH sowie in zweiter Priorität der GSA offen. Freie Plätze können je nach Anmeldeeingang an weitere Doktorierende, MA-Studierende, Postdocs und externe Interessierte vergeben werden.

Veranstaltende: Graduate School of the Humanities | Walter Benjamin Kolleg
Redner, Rednerin: Prof. Dr. Christina Ljungberg
Datum: 26.10.2017 - 09.11.2017
Uhrzeit: 09:30 - 17:30 Uhr
Ort: F-113
Lerchenweg 36
3012 Bern
Merkmale: Öffentlich


How do you bring your scholarly research to the published conclusion it deserves? How does the acceptance process function in publishing?

That is what we will discuss in these two workshops which look at the why’s and how’s of writing and publishing research. We will examine and discuss the writing process, from abstract to finished article or thesis, paying particular attention to the writing and presenting of participants’ own research as well as critically reviewing that of others. We will also explore the various possibilities for publishing your research in the form of a PhD thesis, individual articles targeted at specific journals, or an academic book, identifying crucial elements such as choosing a research design, writing your PhD thesis or articles or your book proposals and the various steps to publication as well as the refereeing process.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, participants will know:

  • How to move quickly to publication
  • How to master the basics of research and publication
  • How to develop problem-solving strategies for writing
  • How to improve the communication of their research for publication

Please note: This is not a language course / Participants need to bring their own laptop / Prior to the workshop participants are asked to send an abstract of a current paper or project to the instructor,


Day 1: October 26, 2017

The Why’s and How’s of writing and publishing research

  • Writing as Conversation
  • Placing your research in an international context
  • Mapping your project
  • Identifying your contribution                                     

Abstracts vs. Introductions                                                  

  • How to write an abstract
  • Peer reviewing abstracts


November 9, 2017


  • Peer-reviewing and discussion of introductions
  • The mechanics of writing, from outline to draft

13.00-17.30: PUBLISHING

  • Publishing articles
  • Criteria for publication
  • Discussions of key skills and problems experienced in the process of research and writing
  • Writing a book proposal (of your doctoral thesis);
  • Writing a book review

Discussion of submitted material
Evaluation and Goodbye!

Christina Ljungberg

Prof. Dr. Christina Ljungberg is a literary scholar with several years of media experience in Swedish and Canadian film and television. She has been teaching English and American literature and culture at the University of Zurich since 1995 and courses in writing and publishing at the University Zurich Graduate Campus since its start in 2010.  Her many books and articles, most recently Creative Dynamics (John Benjamins, 2012) and Thinking with Diagrams (with Sybille Krämer, De Gruyter, 2016), focus mainly on ways of mapping knowledge and the intermedial function of maps and photographs in literature and art.  She is the coordinator of the Iconicity Research Project, (together with Prof. Dr. Olga Fischer, University of Amsterdam), and General Editor of the series “Iconicity in Language and Literature (ILL)” (John Benjamins). Her new project, "Imaginary Wanderings - Making the invisible visible", concerns the development of a new type of interactive cultural communication, She is also currently preparing a collection of essays on the interrelations between verbal and visual media.